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Ememess Issue 1

Two classic tales — the Award-winning More Tomorrow, and Hell Hath Enlarged Herself. Buying together adds Diet Hell for free.
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Ememess Issue 2

The British Fantasy Award-winning The Man Who Drew Cats — and Save As… Also included is the rarity A Convenient Arrangement.
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Ememess issue 3

The decline of a small town in The Handover, the mysterious Being Right - and quirky classic When God Lived In Kentish Town.
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Ememess issue 4

An odd item for sale in The Seventeenth Kind, the terror of What Happens When You Wake Up In The Night, and commuter hell in Missed Connection.
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Ememess issue 5

Our fifth episode contains Two Shot, and the classic of love transcending boundaries, Later. It comes with rarity Autumn for free.
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Ememess issue 6

Rare non-genre outing Enough Pizza, award-winning classic The Dark Land — and This Is Now.
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Ememess Issue 7

A punishing tale of obsession, More Bitter Than Death, the resigned Maybe Next Time… and Everybody Goes.
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Ememess Issue 8

A story of a simple mistake, The Fracture, the life-changing Open Doors, and Getting Over.
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Ememess Issue 9

The inspiration for Spares, To Receive is Better, collection-leader What You Make It, and A Long Walk, For The Last Time.
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The Vaccinator

After a chequered and violent career, Eddie Kruger now lives in the Florida Keys. It’s a nice, quiet, peaceful life. Apart from the kidnappings. And the aliens.
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Welcome to ememess.com, the site for e-fiction from award-winning horror, science fiction and fantasy author Michael Marshall Smith. We currently offer twenty seven of Michael's stories in Kindle format, individually and in nine issues — along with a few special items (we're kicking off this strand with the novella The Vaccinator). There will be a break over the Spring while Michael writes a new novel, then we'll be coming back with more… Further information and a short FAQ is available here.
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Issue 8 features The Fracture, Open Doors — and Getting Over. Issue 9 has To Receive is Better, What You Make It, and A Long Walk For The Last Time.
Michael Marshall Smith writes the kind of dreams we don't like to talk about, but can't get out of our minds once we've had them.
Jonathan Carroll
Michael Marshall Smith's short stories are consistently sharp, slick, original, witty, disquieting, entertaining, and plain brilliant.
Graham Joyce
It's not the craft and skill that Michael Marshall Smith displays in his short stories that I object to. It's not the easy wit, or the comfortable way he deploys language as a weapon. It's not even that way that he can conjure people so real in so few words. It's that, when a Mike Smith short story is over, it's pretty much guaranteed that there will be some moment, scene or revelation frozen in the back of my mind that I'll never be able to get out of my head, not even if I scrub it with wire wool so it bleeds.
Neil Gaiman
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A classic novella — and Michael's only excursion at this length so far — The Vaccinator tells the story of one man's struggle to help people deal with troublesome visitors from out of town. A very long way out of town.
NOVELS: A page with links to Michael's full-length works in both electronic and old school 'book' format is available here.
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Michael Marshall Smith is the winner of the Philip K. Dick Award, the August Delerth Award, the International Horror Guild Award, six British Fantasy Awards and the Prix Bob Morane, nominated for five World Fantasy Awards and CWA Silver Dagger — and the only author ever to win the BFS Award for Best Short Story four times. Now, for the first time, his internationally-acclaimed short fiction is finally becoming available in ebook format... Writing as Michael Marshall, he is also the internationally-bestselling thriller writer of novels such as The Straw Men and The Intruders. His next novel, We Are Here, was published in the UK in March 2013, and will be coming from little, Brown in the US in the Fall.
Quite simply, Michael Marshall Smith is the most consistently brilliant short story author I have worked with over the past twenty years. He continues to amaze and delight me with the wit, intelligence and sheer creativity of his writing.
Stephen Jones