ememess press

ememess press is a virtual small press, for the time being specialising in producing electronic versions of the short fiction of Michael Marshall Smith. If you should find any technical problems with the files — or, heaven forbid, errors of spelling and/or punctuation — please let us know via the contact page. Issues relating to Kindle delivery should be directed to Amazon or other retailing sites as they are outside our control.
Frequently Asked Questions (probably):

1. Why aren't the stories available via the iBookstore too? Apple rocks!
We agree. However Apple requires that every publication sold via the iBookstore has an ISBN, a prohibitive expense for such low-cost items. In the fullness of time we intend to publish some larger volumes there, and in general ePub format. In the meantime, Kindle apps are available for the iPhone and iPad.

2. The price for single stories is relatively higher for the UK Amazon Store. What gives?
These are the lowest allowable prices for each store. Sadly, it means the UK price is a little higher, given current exchange rates. There's nothing we can do about this until we are given full control of the global economy.

3. The price for stuff on the invoice seems a little higher than advertised on the site. Seriously, what gives?
Amazon are constrained to charge VAT and other taxes, where applicable. Again, outside our hands.

4. I just love sharing things. Therefore I'd like to upload these files to pirate pits, social sharing sites, or basically anywhere frequented by freeloaders. I really, really want to do this. Can I, can I, can I?
No. These stories are protected by copyright. If you do that, you're breaking the law, and being an ass. So… don't.